I just completed a major re-vamp of my comic pull list in Notion, adding a gallery view and calendar view, as well as additional series details. Next up is adding the remaining series on my pull list – I'm seriously behind in my reading and honestly, since the pandemic started I don't have a good grasp on what series I actually follow. I think this new template will definitely help.

Features for version 1.0:

  • Track series details like writer and artist, publisher, next publish date and more
  • Track series status (ongoing, hiatus, completed, and dropped)
  • Gallery View with cover image and status
  • Calendar View to display the next publish date (to help plan trips to your LCS!)
  • Space to add notes and track which issues you've read

Some screenshots:

The gallery index
Series details

I added a link to my template on our Notion Templates page. Feel free to duplicate into your workspace and customize to your liking. I would love to see how you change it, so please share. Enjoy!